Getting started

Include Geosophic services in your mobile games and start getting the most out of our features and analytics.
To make things easier, we provide you with SDKs for the main development platforms.

1. Create a developer account.

Sign up to get access to the services.

2. Register a game.

  1. Log in to the Geosophic developer dashboard.
  2. Create a new game. Go to Games section and add your game pressing the Add game button. Fill in the form and your game will appear in the game list.
  3. Create a leaderboard definition. Go your game view by clicking in your game name link. This view has three sections: Metrics, Leaderboards and Settings. To create a leaderboard definition  go to the Leaderboard section and add a new leaderboard. Fill in the form and that’s it. You have a leaderboard definition ready to use inside your game.
  4. Configuration Settings. To connect your app to Geosophic services you will need to set three parameters in your project. These parameters can be found in the Settings section of your game:
    • The consumer key and consumer secret that identifies your game inside the platform.
    • The leaderboard definition identifier.

3. Follow the integration guide for you platform.



Unity (iOS and Android support)

Another platform