Want to use Geosophic? Here’s how.

Features: Start with geoleaderboards

We are starting simple: Geoleaderboards.

Geoleaderboards are like the usual leaderboards but attached to a certain location on earth. Leaderboards are funny but only a few chosen can reach the top positions. With our geoleaderboards is easier for a player to get to the top of the leaderboard in his city, state and country, and thus increasing his engagement with your game.

But of course geoleaderboards is not the only service we are providing. Soon we will include more services that you could use in your games:

  • Achievements
  • Location based items, such as gifts
  • Notifications
  • Social integration

You can read more about how geoleaderboards work here.


We provide advanced analytics for your games. We track user activity, including location, to build rich profiles.

Using Geosophic is easy

Just download the SDK for your system, follow the instructions in our Getting started guide and enjoy Geosophic in a matter of minutes. We know you want to focus on the important parts of your game so we do the hard boring work for you.

Take a look at Geosophic services in action

We have published a demonstration game called “Find the investor”. Download the game from the App Store and see how the Geosophic geoleaderboards work. If you want to know more about how it works just download the source code from GitHub.

Sign up for Geosophic

If you want to use Geosophic please request an account and we’ll contact you to set up an account when we have available slots.

Start with Geosophic for free

You can start using Geosophic for free. You can create unlimited games and use Geosophic services with a rate limit of 20,000 requests per day. If you need higher usage please contact us.

We love to listen

We want to hear from you. If you have any questions, suggestions or issues using Geosophic please write to